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Meet the Hers that it's By


We went from co-workers to friends to business partners in a years time. We decided to launch by:her with a shared passion for design & branding that couldn't quite be quenched from our 9-5's.

So here we are, two women ready to tackle any project you can throw our way.

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Project Director

Introducing Brittany - B, for short. 
Hey y'all! Pleasure to virtually "meet" you. I'm half left-brained, half right-brained, which is a fun balance to maintain. I enjoy eating food (a lot), going out to the movies, and sitting on social media for hours - I know... the first step to recovery is accepting I have a problem.

I have a wide range of *random* experience in the marketing world; from social media to photography to web design to paid digital marketing to event planning... I can keep going if you'd like!

Launching by:her has been a DREAM of mine for years. When Hayley & I began to work together in 2017, I knew I had found my partner-in-design (see what I did there?).  AND HERE WE ARE!

We are looking forward to working with you!
- Just B

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Creative Director

I was born and raised in the teeny tiny town of St. Louis, Michigan. (Yes, that's Michigan!) I moved to Grand Rapids in 2013 to immerse myself in the design world at Kendall College of Art and Design, where I earned my BFA in Graphic Design in 2017. I specialize in branding, advertising, and marketing, but my passion for creating has lead me all over the place.

Graphic Design is my passion, and yes, I am quoting those crazy memes. by:her is a chance for me to freely pursue this need to create.

When I'm not vigorously sipping coffee and getting inspired via Pinterest, you can find me playing beach volleyball or better yet, designing something fabulous.

- Hayley